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743 people dead in Italy within 24 hours. Why has Italy been the most effected country in the world?

By: Nepse Direct Mar 25, 2020

Tension grows as the death toll mounts.

The number of dead keep on increasing by the hour as Italy faces another heavy loss in its population count. A total of 743 people died within 24 hours which sees a increase in 141 more people dead compared to Monday.

A total of 6,879 people have lost their lives till date and the death is suspected to increase further. Italy has seen more deaths than china where the virus first originated.

Despite immense effort to control the virus and a lock down put in place for the longest period of time a question arises as to why the spread has not been contained in Italy.

Lombardo in Italy has been the most effected region with the highest death toll. Even the doctors and scholars have been left scratching their heads as to why Italy has been effected so massively by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Italy has an aging population which makes it easier for the virus to take hold inside its aging host also it is very challenging to treat and cure an elderly patient of the virus which is among the many reasons to why Italy specifically has been affected so massively.

The Italian culture which involves a lot of socializing and getting together along with greeting each other with an exchange of kisses are also factors which have contributed to the spread as the virus spread is potent with physical contact.

The total cases in Italy till date are 69,176 from which 8,326 have recovered and 6,820 have died.



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