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IFLIX Nepal presents Lockdown Hero Challenge : Stay at home, Be a hero

By: Nepse Direct Mar 25, 2020

The lockdown initiative from the government has been music to the ears for us all as the fear of the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) here in Nepal increases. The spread of the virus is very potent through physical contact which has led to all of us adopting self-isolation and spending the enormity of our time inside our households.

As we are sat in our couches at home scrolling through our phones, bored to death and googling about all the productive things we can do, movies and series we can watch or are simply planning on the next Tiktok video we are going to make simply to get through the day iflix Nepal has come to our rescue with its #LockdownHerochallenge (Stay at home, Be a hero contest).

The #Lockdownherochallenge (Stay at home, Be a hero contest) initiative aims to provide the general public with an opportunity to discover the inner artist in them and promote and unearth raw talent helping them realize their true potential and passion for acting. It is safe to say this initiative will be a sight for shore eyes sat at home and for Tiktok users to finally put their acting skills to the ultimate test as the winner will get an opportunity to feature in a special role in iflix originals/movies and embark on the journey of becoming the next big star in the Nepalese film industry. 


The terms and conditions that are required to be fulfilled by the participants to be eligible for the contest are listed below

STAY AT HOME AND BE A HERO CONTEST!!! #LockdownHerochallenge

Take part in the contest by following the instructions on the post for an opportunity to feature in a special role in iflix originals/movies. You can be our next Star.#Letsplay


1 .Participants are required to create a short video showcasing their acting skills and post it in their social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok using the hashtags #LockdownHerochallenge #Letsplay and tag (Participants must shoot the video at home.) 

2. Participants are required to like the official iflix Facebook page and follow on Facebook.

2. One applicant can post as many videos as they want.

3. Videos can be in English, Nepali or any local languages.

4. There is no charge for submission & participation.

6. Employees of iflix Nepal (Pvt ) Ltd are not permitted to submit their Contents either directly or indirectly. 

7. All racial, religious, politically, ethically, morally insensitive Content will may not be accepted/published.

8. The contest is open to people residing in Nepal only.

9. Competition starts from 25/03/2020 till end of Lockdown Period.

10. Decision of iflix will be final.

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